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Manual and automatic packaging machines & cellophane wrappers

Packaging machines for all boxes and boxes with straight edges. You will find both hood shrink-wrap devices and single-fold cellophane wrappers here from ADR
The ADR cellophane wrapping machines are used in perfumery, cosmetic products, candy boxes, jewelery or any other products which are delivered in cardboard boxes and finished with professional cellophane wrapping.

Both directly in the manufacture for short runs as well as with our fully automatic cellophane wrappers in automated large-scale operations.

From the entry level solution to the fully automatic we offer the right device with all-round service.
In addition to our standard solutions, we as a manufacturer also offer the possibility for special machine construction. With our in-house mechanics and manufacturing are short response times and a fast manufacturing process of special solutions given. More under
ADR Mecanical Engineering

ADR Autowrapper

Semiautomatic cellophane overwrapper to wrap squared products that already have welding on the long side. This system gives the product an nice finish. The Autowrapper folds and welds the right and left side at the same time. This cellophane overwrapper can be combined with the EZ Wrapper, Speedstar I or Speedstar III.
Further option: product version
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